I’m young and free,
buoyant and blithe, eager to explore life.
I dance and skip,
fall in love and then stumble.
I cry and moan, withdraw,
afraid to try it all over again.

I’m old and slow, sometimes sceptical and tired,
I know too much or not enough, perhaps simply nothing.
I can still dance, maybe even try to skip,
and relish the feeling despite the years.

I look at that young girl and wonder,
Why is she so sad? Is it the end of the world?
Don’t waste that feeling on the same One,
spread it out, share it, live it, over and over again.
That’s the only thing you can take with you,
you never forget it, it’s like riding a bike.

I wish I were you,
You wish you knew as much as I appear to.
I’m you, you’re me,
we’re the same, though we think we’re miles apart,
Alpha begins where omega ends and returns to omega.