The sun sets over the Golden Horn,
the mystic silhouette of the ancient city
lingering in the background,
the minarets and domes of Sinan’s mosques,
watching over the Sultan’s Palace by the sea,
shimmering lights dance on the water,
as the ferries cruise in the harbour.
Passing by The Leander’s Tower,
our sailboat glides along the Bosphorus Channel,
you take my hand and hold it tight,
golden champagne and clinking glasses,
our anniversary of many years past.
The Rococo Palace on the left falls into sweet slumber,
as the city lights beguile the crowds
to another merry soirée in its bosom,
a golden necklace studded with gems,
the bridge sends down harlequin beams,
as we sail beneath its rainbow,
melodies of nostalgic old songs,
escape from the old houses along the quay,
evoking many memories of you and me,
our past flows into the present,
to celebrate our day.
Twinkling stars and a crescent moon,
the night sky guides us into a future together,
in the enchanting golden city of our love.