I am the seagull in the sky,
watching the planet from my heights,
the earth is troubled with distress and turmoil.

I am the captain in the seas,
watching the shores where people live,
the towns are all hiding behind lies.

I am the pilot in the skies,
watching the lands roll beneath my craft,
the countries are all in deep conflict.

I am the hunter in the forest,
looking for game to fill my sack,
the hunter and the hunted have changed roles.

I am the mermaid in the seas,
viewing the humans on the shores,
their homes are full of despair and sadness.

I am the star that shines at night
over Gaia, weeping secretly in the dark,
when she sees the humans fight, spilling blood over her skin.

I am the child in the park, playing with my cheerful friends,
My mother tells me all things are bright and beautiful,
And the world is full of hope and promise.

I am Gaia in the galaxy, in need of help from my friends,
they come to relieve my pain and anguish,
giving me the strength to cleanse my body with wind and water.

I am the sun in the sky, things seem to have settled on Gaia,
after the floods, the storms and the earthquakes in between,
the humans have now found another way of living.