Once upon a time there was a tree,
with alluring red blossoms in springtime,
that turned into magical red globes in the heat of summer,
giving us ample fruit with sparkling ruby seeds inside.
A treasure within a treasure, a chest within a chest,
One that contains many,
each particle from the heavens,
a sacred gift of Mother Nature,
heralding prosperity, nourishment, and health.
Let’s tie many coloured ribbons on the tree of plenty
and make wishes for happiness, peace and oneness.
Although Saint Nicholas has his home in these lands,
he’s busy carrying gifts to other children around the world,
but will be here on the 31st to celebrate New Year’s Eve.
Let’s hope our tree will attract all the birds and creatures upon Gaia and
when the gathering is complete, with a full audience,
we’ll crack the pomegranates on the ground,
spreading prosperity around the globe,
to all the children and people of the world.

Season’s Greetings and Happy New Year!