On midsummer’s eve dance, under the moonlight,

I met a dark man who stole my heart,

he held my gloved hand to his lips,

and on the dance floor gave me a kiss.


A black raven perched upon his shoulder, and said until daylight.


His black costume fitted like a glove,

at first look I’d fallen in love,

mesmerizing dark eyes held me captive,

the way he spoke was so attractive.


The black raven came by and said lovers should not part.


He poured summer wine from the flask,

and told me stories from strange lands.

When he asked me to go there with him,

I accepted on a whim.


The black raven flew over us and said now it’s time to depart.


I said one moment, to bid farewell to my hosts,

when I returned he was gone and I was lost,

I looked for him everywhere, the black raven

came my way, as the moon and stars faded away.


The black raven said a moment can change the night into day.


The rain began as the first rays of dawn lit my way,

under a tree and the sky so grey,

soaked and sad I took shelter,

and sobbed, knowing I’d remember him forever.


The black raven said love is eternal though you might never again be together.


I still recall that midsummer’s night,

And the dark knight who stole my heart,

Hoping perhaps in another life,

We shall meet again and never part.


The black raven keeps me company, says life is but a brief story.