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She sat on the beach with a drink in her hand and waited for the sunset. Sundowners had become a habit ever since he’d left. Memories stung, yet the colours in the sky gave a certain warmth. Pinkish hues around a crimson sphere, sinking beyond the hills that encompassed the sand and the sea.



The surf subsided and the vast waters seemed like a lake, tired after the day’s labour. A moment of rest, contemplation before the perpetual motion of the waves begins again.



A seagull flew over her head, followed by a flock of others, ascending to the sky. I wonder where they’re going. They have somewhere to escape. I’m stuck here. Nowhere to go to. Yet, the stillness is comforting, until darkness falls and loneliness sets in.



“Forever,” he had said. How long is forever? Time, a human invention, had miscalculated its scope.



A sailboat glided across the horizon, in slow motion, as she sipped her drink and watched the sun disappear. Time to go or stretch the moment? I could stay here forever, but it doesn’t last…



“Nice, isn’t it? I tried to capture it,” a male voice said, behind her. She turned and saw the man with a camera in his hand. Smiling.


“Yes,” she said and smiled back. “Can I see the pictures you’ve taken?”


He sat beside her and showed her the images, the flash-back of the sunset, returning in each square.


“Time encapsulated on a memory card, a moment frozen, never to happen the same way again.”


“I’m a time-catcher,” he replied. “That could be the name of a cocktail. Would you like another drink?”


“Thank you. I guess I’d like to linger here a little longer. Sharing it with someone sounds like fun.”