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Fragments of sorrow in broken sequence,

the details evaporate to ether with fleeting time,

while the core remains.

My pain I cannot put down to paper,

that would be unfair,

words are not capable of describing my loss.

I can only set the atmosphere

and the emptiness that surrounds me.

The colours have faded, the sounds have lost

their harmony and pulse.

Things are the same, yet different,

in a void of inspiration

meanings have become meaningless,

dull and barren,

without the silent conversation.


If I say I miss you, will that fall short of describing my state?

Or if I say wish you were here, will that suffice?

I remember so much I don’t want to recall,

I wish those memories would vanish into the background,

and set me free.

The past into the present, threatens my future,

I fear I keep losing the moment I should live,

as I continue to linger in the void.