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Round, like the Earth, the planets and the stars,

the moon and many other moons in the universe,

ripples on the water, seeds in the soil,

rounded like the eggs that bear life,

a mother’s belly and a foetus that curls up inside.

The head, the eyes, the nostrils and the ear canals,

the mouth and all other cavities

on the human body are round.

The elements smooth out

the square, rectangular or triangular shapes

in nature over time,

except the pointed tips and edges of leaves

that fall down and curl up in Autumn,

and thorns of roses, other plants and weeds

whose flowers and petals still complete the theme.

Anything sharp and jagged must be rounded,

carved, or moulded into smoothness,

in time

to fit into the whole.

Is this what inspired mankind to invent the wheel,

and all other inventions inspired by the wheel?

Then if most things we see in life are round,

or rounded over time,

why are our ideas spiky,

intersected by straight lines

and diverted by sharp turns?

Why can’t we soften those angry angles and embrace it all,

like a fresh full circle,

where the beginning meets the end

and continues forever.