Many thanks to Sick Lit Magazine for publishing my story. πŸ™‚


King of Hearts

Annoyed with the dismal news on the television, Joe grabbed the remote and switched it off. Tapping his fingers on the table of the hospital bed, he pondered on what to do next. Time warped and stretched infinitely in the ward, as various illnesses spread inside the bodies of the patients at the speed of light. Book or magazine? Β Book, another life story to delve into. A temporary remedy to ignore his own one.

As he turned to the bedside table to browse the unread paperbacks, the bald head of a child appeared through the doorway. Big blue eyes, above a white mask covering the rest of his face, he peeked into the room.

β€œHey, alien child, what are doing on my stage? Planning some kind of burglary?”

β€œI’m exploring the building.”

β€œAren’t you supposed to be upstairs with the other alien kids?”

β€œI’m not an alien…

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