Thank you very much, SickLit Magazine for publishing my story. I love the photo! 🙂


Angel’s Cove

by Sebnem Sanders

Without a pre-set destination, I escaped from the city and drove down the highway. Sitting behind the wheel for hours, my hopes of finding a place that might inspire me had almost diminished. I took the next exit and turned into a country road. Cruising slowly on the scenic route, I came across a blue board that said Angel’s Cove.

Turning right, I followed the winding path that took me up the hills and down them, on the other side. A bird’s eye view of a village appeared in the distance. A rivulet shining like a silver beam ran through the middle of the settlement, all the way to the sea. Idyllic.

I parked the car and walked along the canal. Charming two-story buildings and cottages with thatched roofs and small gardens. Multi-coloured blooms cascaded down their windows and low fences, filling the air with…

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