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images dark night


It’s dark and the stars are hiding

behind a veil of mist

even the moon seems paler than before

sweet slumber beckons

yet, it’s impossible to sleep in comfort

in the humid atmosphere,

despite the toils of the ceiling fans


the neighbours have retired to their homes

no one is outdoors, lingering with a drink

over chit-chat on trivia

and how to save the world.



Laughter seems to have escaped from our lives,

uncertainty, fear and doubt

have turned us into introverts,

seeking comfort in our own shells.


I try to close my eyes and sleep,

I can’t, the heat is unbearable,

maybe it’s time to seal the doors and windows

of my private shell and turn on the a/c.


I lie in my bed, soaking up the cool air,

through my cells, into my system

maybe that’s what the neighbours are doing, as well,

creating an unnatural atmosphere

to cope with the prevailing one.


Are they sleeping,

or are they contemplating like me?

Are we in a state of limbo, apathy,

as we appear to be,

or can we do

something about this?


I know we cannot change the weather,

but we can try to alter the circumstances

of uncertainty and doom

that threaten our existence,

which in turn might increase our tolerance

for the temporary conditions

of extreme heat and discomfort.


It’s worth trying,

unless we are inclined to allow this darkness

to last forever.