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Cedar Island, Cedrae Island, Sedir Adası, Marmaris, Muğla, Turkey

The features of the sand is that each grain is equally 1 mm in diameter, burns when thrown in fire, multiples by itself in soda water, and shows spontaneous proliferation when you look at it under the magnifying glass. Indeed, the only other region of the world where this sand can be found is in the Red Sea.




Gold glittering

like the sands of Cleopatra’s Beach

that Antony shipped all the way from

Egypt to Cedar Island on the Aegean

for their honeymoon

The rays of the golden sun above

reflected in the specks of her Tiger’s Eye gaze,

she beamed and hinted her approval


Yellow mimosa buds peeking between

the delicate leaves of the acacia trees on the hills

recalled the scene under the cerulean sky

and how she listened to the songs

of the golden ripe wheat right before harvest,

coming from the mainland.


She stroked his sun-streaked hair and

gazed into his honey-coloured eyes.

A kiss, a promise of eternity fell into the sea,

The golden moon rising behind the hills,

beheld the view and vowed

giving life to the sand forever,

to carry their story into the future.