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I’m unable to share the book trailer I made for Ripples on the Pond on WordPress unless I upgrade my membership and pay a monthly fee. So, I’m going to share the photos in the trailer and a link to my Instagram post where I uploaded the video. I hope it works.

Most stories in Ripples on the Pond don’t have a specific setting. This is deliberate on my part, as a writer, because I want to make them universal. They can happen anywhere in the world. They depict echoes of the human experience, our strengths, weaknesses, failures, achievements, and observations. We are the sum total of everything in our lives, in our search for happiness.

Yet, some stories have specific settings, due to a memory, life experience, a public figure or a work of art that inspired me. So here’s a summary of a few titles from Ripples on the Pond set at various locations around the world.


The Southern Aegean and The Mediterranean

Ripples at Gemiler 2

Gemiler Adası, St Nicholas Island, Fethiye, Muğla, Turkey


Laurel Island Textifier_20180531170334


Ripples in Dalyan Kaunos


Fear of Falling Textifier_20180531171537


Strawberry Moon Textifier_20180531171903


Selma of Söğüt Textifier_20180531173819

Ripples in Söğüt



Behind a Cloud Textifier_20180531173645

The Naked Street Lamp Textifier_20180531192428


The Lady of the Clock Tower Textifier_20180531165951



A tribute to Florida

Ripples in Florida 7

Florida Textifier_20180531150148


New York

Sunlight in a Cafeteria Textifier_20180531132559

Ripples in New York

The Typewriter Textifier_20180531174512



Ripples in London 5



The Journey Textifier_20180531172131

Riples in London 8


Costa Rica

The X Factor 1 Textifier_20180531182951

X Factor 2 Textifier_20180531183339



Aurora Australis Textifier_20180531165547

Aurora Australis 2 Textifier_20180531183915


Delhi, India 

The Oracle of Delhi Textifier_20180531185443


Bali, Indonesia

Bali Textifier_20180531144445



Time to put that book in the bag,

Ripples in My Handbag


and begin to read, anywhere, any time, when you have a moment. Bite-size stories, lunchtime stories …

Ripples with Aydın


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Thank you very much for reading. 🙂