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Here we are at the end of another year and the beginning of a new one.

It’s the Winter Solstice weekend, coinciding with a full moon, which seems to be a rare event.  In pagan cultures, Winter Solstice is associated with pomegranates which symbolize prosperity.  So I wish you all a prosperous Solstice, holiday season and New Year, in all your endeavours.


Here are two of my poems on pomegranates:




In my writing endeavours, Ripples on the Pond  has had a busy year, with good reviews on Amazon and Goodreads and I love this last one.

Thank you Sebnem Sanders for a beautiful work of art.


Meanwhile, I had stories published at online literary magazines, worked on my WIPs, and decided to edit/re-write The Child of Heaven, my first completed manuscript, which I haven’t touched for three years. I will publish it some time in 2019, whenever it’s ready.    https://sebnemsanders.wordpress.com/book-excerpts/

The Child of Heaven-5

This is a working cover, just to give you an idea.


On the eastern shores of the Southern Aegean, Spring was inspirational, the Summer long and hot, lasting until October.

collage 7

Spring flowers from the garden


The major celestial event for me was the Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse in July which we could see here.  I wrote a story about that, inspired by this photo.

Blood Moon photo by Side Antalya on Facebook



For the New Year, we all make resolutions and wishes with the intention to realize them. So I light candles and ask the angels to help me carry out my plans. The word is mimimise; belongings, clutter, those extra, unnecessary  words and repetitions in my writing, at home, and in my life.  I hope I can do it, this time, like the MC Leila does in The Child of Heaven.


New Year


Dear fellow writers, friends, and followers, many thanks for your support and encouragement.


Now that the longest night is over, may the light shine upon you to make your dreams come true. Season’s Greetings and all good wishes to you and yours.

Sebnem 🙂 


Seasons Greetings Art Deco II.Ijpg