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Another year has passed and I still haven’t published my longer fiction… Sorry, I have been distracted for more than a year watching movies, series, human stories I love. Maybe I should attempt to write reviews on these, not as a critic, but as a spectator. Never mind, maybe I will, maybe I won’t, but I know it’s time to concentrate on my longer fiction and stop procrastinating …

Anyway, I’m updating the below post from a year ago, with a few new photos, some reviews, and links to the stories which appeared on online literary magazines, before and after Ripples on the Pond was published.

The below stories were first published at Sick Lit Magazine. Many thanks to the Editor in Chief, Kelly Fitzharris @kellycoody.

My Paper Memories / The Train

King of Hearts

Zero plus One

First published at Twisted Sister Literary Magazine, many thanks to the Editor in Chief, Liz McAdams.

First Published at Spelk Fiction, many thanks to the Editors in Chief, Gary Duncan and Cal Marcius:

Virginia Creeper

The Bosphorus Review of Books, many thanks to the Editor in Chief, Luke Frostic:

King of Hearts

Virginia Creeper

The Naked Street Lamp

Selma of Soghut

House of Detachment

Three Drops from the Cauldron Issue 22, many thanks to the Editor in Chief, Kate Garrett.

Angel’s Cove (Page 51)

The Rye Whiskey Review, many thanks to the Editor in Chief, John Patrick Robbins.

Amber Street

Yellow Mama Webzine, many thanks to the Editor in Chief, Cindy Rosmus:

Shards of Glass

Punk Noir Magazine, many thanks to the Editor in Chief, Paul D. Brazill.

The Song of Spring

The X Factor

Hunter’s Moon

Flash Fiction Offensive, many thanks to the Editors, Jim Shaffer, Jessie Heels Rowlings, and Mick Rose

A Kind of Love

A few more photos and reviews:


Ripples at Ölüdeniz, Fethiye, Muğla, Turkey.


Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 31 January 2018

Ripples in the Pond is a series of short stories based on life’s big question and learning, as well as a tangle of true stories set in a fictional world. The author has descriptive prose that flows like liquid silk across each and every page, leaving the reader mesmerised in every way. Her characters throw up questions in scenarios akin to a dreamlike landscape, the answers given at the end of every story will open your eyes to a more complex way of thinking, woven in empathy and spiritual belief.

Ripples at Çeşme, İzmir, Turkey.

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 12 June 2019

“Ripples on the Pond” by Sebnem Sanders

I loved this collection of short stories: evocative, colourful and brimming with imagination. I wonder where Sanders gets her ideas from, and marvel at the level of detail she manages to cram onto the page. I’ve always loved short stories, and this collection is delicious. Thank you!

Ripples in Ankara

Ripples in Ankara, Turkey. The cat wants to read it first! 😀


These short stories are indeed like ripples on a pond. They are almost cameos of a life of the character in each story, a ripple that goes outwards to effect either that person or those around, a momentary choice that can change the direction of a life. Ms Saunders is a short-story master; her gift of perfectly portraying just about anything from fantasy to historical, the weird and wonderful to the ordinary, that somehow under her ‘pen’ becomes extraordinary. She has great skill of being able to immediately draw the reader into the story under a short narrative, she understands and portrays all emotions that a human being can experience and you go with it. I’ve even shed a tear or two! This book is a joy; one that can’t be rushed, but treasured and one that can be dipped into and read again and again.

Thank you for reading! Much love and I’ll be back shortly! 🙂

December 8th, 2020, Marmaris, Turkey

The End

Ripples on the Pond  is celebrating its second birthday this week, and she has been travelling to many magical destinations, over the past two years.

From 2019 to 2017, here are some photos with highlights from a few reviews on Amazon and Goodreads :

Ripples in PorosRipples on Poros, Greece

Sublime Power Each of the seventy-one stories creates more than a ripple – it’s a surge that transports the reader to unexpected places, people, and situations existing all over our world and the magical ones beyond. BTW, ‘Weeds’ is a marvel – an environmentalists delight! Ripples on the Pond stays on my nightstand. I will continue to enjoy the abundance of wisdom revealed in such beautiful and powerful stories. Gratefulness to and thanks sent to the author!”

Ripples in Ithaca

Ripples at Phatrithias, Ithaca

“Rich storytelling guided by intelligence, empathy and keen observation of life. Wisdom cannot be taught, bought or borrowed – yet, it can touch us through words. As I read each story, I wondered, how far willl the Ripples of Wisdom travel, how many lives will be touched? I’m delighted to have tasted the delights of this exceptional flash fiction anthology. Recommended.”

Ripples on Yaya Beach Itaca

Ripples on Yaya Beach,  Ithaca

Ripples with Joanne

Ripples on Yaya Beach, Ithaca

This is a perfect book to leave on the nightstand and read before sleep. Bedtime stories for the soul. These tales invoke emotions spanning from joyful to painful, and at times, feel deeply personal, as if the author has glimpsed inside your life. Ripples on the Pond will be a staple for me to pick up when I need a reminder of what is truly important in life.”


Ripples in Çeşme, Turkey

This remarkable compilation of short stories is quite different to anything I have read for a long time. Sebnem Sanders writes beautifully, often with an anthropmorphic slant that reminds me of the stories and plays of Classical Greece, yet with a modern voice. In these vignettes, nature can sometimes take on a life and voice of its own, immersing the reader in a world that is viewed from a different perspective. There is a also a deep sense of reflection in the writing style which I enjoyed and her stories make us think, but in a subtle and contemplative way. I look forward to reading more from this author. Highly recommended.


Ripples in Datça, Turkey

This delightful collection of short stories encompasses a span of human emotions, frailties and flaws as well as a wider perspective on what it means to be human. Sebnem Sanders examines loss, love, despair, joy as well as the philosophical picture of our place in the world and our relationship with nature. In ‘Selma of Soghut’ she explores transience and ageing, in ‘Shards of Glass’ the magical realism of another self performing shocking acts, and in ‘King of Hearts’ an unlikely friendship is struck between a dying man and a sick child.”

Varmdö collage

Ripples in Stockholm, Sweden


Jeanne with Ripples

Ripples in Florida

Brought a book along, to read, while on the white sands of the Gulf of Mexico. From Clearwater to Venice, Sebnem traveled along, telling stories the waves often whisper and the gulls cry out loud. This book is for those who oft think and find beauty in everything or yearn to live mindfully. Each story has you linger a bit longer, while waiting for a sunset… or perhaps you are the person anticipating the sun rise. A real treat! A fantastic beach read!

Thank you very much for all the wonderful reviews, I’m most grateful. 🙂

Season’s Greetings and much love! 🙂

Ripples on the Pond Full Cover 5x8 VIII



Not all the stories in Ripples on the Pond have specific locations, but these area few that do.  Trailer for Ripples on the Pond.

Ripples in My Handbag