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A year in the life of Ripples on the Pond    my debut anthology of flash fiction and short stories, with photos and highlights


December 7, 2017 The first copy of Ripples on the Pond arrives home via UPS.

Ripples arrives home

and finds a cozy spot.

Ripples for Twitter 2


First copies arrive in London


December, 2017 Highlights from the first reviews on Amazon, Amazon UK, and Goodreads

I’m delighted to have tasted the delights of this exceptional flash …

Tender observations and wisdom – a wonderful collection of stories

“Well Worth the Ride!


Jeanne with Ripples


Each story has you linger a bit longer, while waiting for a sunset… or perhaps you are the person anticipating the sun rise. A real treat! A fantastic beach read! ” on Goodreads


 Sebnem Sanders creates breathtaking fables that make realistic myths from the human condition.” on Goodreads

“Ripples on the Pond will leave ripples on your heart” 


Ripples in My Handbag

Ripples appears on author and blogger Jessie Cahalin’s Books in My Handbag, December 15, 2017



January-April, 2018:

Read between the words…”

Generous collection of beautiful stories”

“A delightful collection.

“Sebnem Sanders writes beautifully, often with an anthropmorphic slant that reminds me …


Ripples in the Pond by Sebnem Sanders

April, 2018 : Ripples Receives a Readers’ Award and a review from Chill with a Book, on Amazon, Amazon UK, and Goodreads.

 “A thoroughly entertaining book of short stories. The cancer ward story was particularly poignant.”


 “Beautiful Language, Good Ideas

“Thoughtful collection of short fiction”



Spring in Çeşme, İzmir, Turkey

“Such a wonderful collection of short stories!”

When I finished and there were no more stories, I smiled to myself. This is one of those books I will be re-reading again and again. A must read!

 “The gamut of human emotion and experience”


RayNotBradbury on Instagram jpg

Swedish Blogger Ray Not Bradbury Reviews Ripples on Goodreads:


Varmdö collage

And I time-travel to Varmdö, the biggest island in the Stockholm archipelago, and cherish memories from my teenage days.



Ripples in Datça, Muğla, Turkey, in the Summer.  Photo by a reader,  https://www.instagram.com/nilgun_ozbudak/



Ripples on the Beach

“Sublime Power


Ripples web banner for twitter

A pleasure that I did not want to end….”



December in Çeşme, İzmir, Turkey, as the fire crackles and we taste the pomegranates and oranges from the garden.


Not all the stories in Ripples of the Pond have specific locations, but here are a few that do:


Ripples on the Pond   is free on Kindle between December 6-10th, Thursday-Monday. If you’d like to have a look, here’s the preview and the link:




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